Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
tracy by dg added browser compatibility
database by dennydanek MySqlDriver: Fix PDO::ATTR_CASE (#199)

fixed Cannot read an undeclared column 'Type', did you mean 'type'? when you used PDO::ATTR_CASE option

latte by dg Template: protected -> public methods
forms by dg JSHint replaced with ESLint
tracy by dg typo
forms by h4kuna DefaultFormRenderer, Latte: fix input name defined like array (#182)
tracy by dg bar.js: fixed autoHideLabels() after 070309de
di by dg ContainerBuilder::completeStatement() improved error message
di by dg Helpers::autowireArguments() improved error message
di by dg ServiceCreationException: can alter exception message
di by dg names in error "Multiple services of type ..." are sorted
tracy by dg added missing Coveralls file
database by dg added Connection::getLastQueryString()
di by dg tests: added new
di by dg improved doc
tracy by dg bar.js: visibility is determined by width

Bar can be hidden by custom code

forms by dg do not call Component::__construct()
forms by f3l1x Rules: added reset method (#180)
application by dg Multiplier: do not call Component::__construct()
component-model by dg Component: removed constructor (BC break)
application by dg TemplateFactory: removed $baseUri, replaced with $baseUrl