Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
utils by dg travis: allows failures in Static Analysis
utils by dg Callback: fixed bug in is_callable($object, true) [Closes #176]
http by dg HttpExtension: allows bools in CSP policy
http by peldax HttpExtension: fixed quotating in sections require-sri-for & sandbox [Closes #143]
http by peldax HttpExtension: added Feature-Policy header [Closes #142]
php-generator by dg Printer: tuned generated coding style
tracy by dg bridge: compatible with nette/di 3.0, dropped 2.3
tracy by dg removed deprecated stuff
tracy by dg Exception::__toString in PHP7 generates output compatible with Tracy
tracy by dg removed PHP 5 code
tracy by dg declare(strict_types=1)
tracy by dg strict fixes
tracy by dg added PHP 7.1 typehints
tracy by dg used PHP 7.1 features
tracy by dg Throwable replaces Exception
tracy by dg requires PHP 7.1
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by dg Released version 2.5.2
http by harmim HttpExtension: Avoid processing 'frames' config if header 'X-Frame-Options' is already set in configuration. (#144)
robot-loader by dg added reportParseErrors()
robot-loader by dg opened 3.1-dev