Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
di by dg phpstorm.meta: supports ContainerBuilder::addDefinition
component-model by mabar Component: More informative message in case that name is not available (#5)
tracy by dakur bar.js: Recount hiding of labels when resized (#337)
di by dg ContainerBuilder::addDefinition(null) adds anonymous service
di by dg Resolver: improved error messages
di by dg Processor: names of anonymous services are just numbers
di by dg Container: removed support for statically added createService* methods (BC break)

All available services must be listed in $services

di by dg Container::$meta divided to $services, $aliases, $types & $tags (BC break)
di by dg added PhpStorm metadata for autocompletion
utils by dg added PhpStorm metadata for autocompletion
forms by dg package.json: added version 3
forms by dg examples: uses netteForms.js v3
forms by dg form controls are auto-optional

- setRequired(false) is unnecessary
- BaseControl::enableAutoOptionalMode() deprecated

forms by dg refactorings
forms by dg type fix [Closes #200]
di by dg Resolver::normalizeEntity() checks whether Definition is in container builder [Closes #184]
tracy by JanTvrdik BlueScreen: renderToFile() returns bool to indicate if file was written by current process (#325)
php-generator by dg PhpFile: added addUse() [Closes #38]
php-generator by dg Printer: fixed use statements generation
application by dg Template: fixed setTranslator(null) [Closes #204]
database by dg SqlBuilder: fixed compatiblity with PCRE2 used in PHP 7.3 [Closes #210]

related to PCRE bug