Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
di by michalhlavka Typo in ServiceDefinition (#187)
tracy by dg examples: added dump-snapshot
tracy by dg bluescreen: added <!-- in file:line --> at the top of page
tracy by dg bar: alternate AJAX rows order
reflection by michalhlavka Updated return annotations on getAnnotation methods in ClassType and Method objects (#12)
latte by pavolbiely Filters: removed string type hints from replace filter (#189)
latte by dg fixed compatibility with nette/application 3
application by dg compatibility with latte/latte 2.5
nette by dg readme: compatible with PHP 7.3
nette by dg added donation request
nette by dg Update Github templates
nette by dg composer.json: improved description
nette by dg cs
nette by dg added declare(strict_types=1);
nette by dg removed nette/reflection
nette by dg composer: updated Nette to 3.0
nette by dg opened 3.0-dev
nette by dg updated, added issue template
nette by dg typo
nette by dg Released version 2.4
nette by dg Requirements-Checker moved to Nette Sandbox