Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
di by dg CompilerExtension: configuration can also be an object in addition to the array
di by dg added Helpers::getPropertyType()
di by dg DependencyChecker: uses ReflectionNamedType
di by MartkCz DecoratorExtension: uses $def->getResultDefinition() on FactoryDefinition (#190)
di by dg Processor: definition of 'type' will not overide 'factory' of parent service (BC break) (#39)
di by dg introduced new Nette\DI\InvalidConfigurationException
di by dg Helpers::merge() preserves integer keys for non-lists
database by dg Revert "DatabaseExtension: better detection of single/multiple definitions" [Closes #219]

This reverts commit cadc1a6236f7ca454ef280bba4a50f16fa49c2f4.

utils by dg Reflection::getUseStatements() throw exceptions on anonymous class
utils by dg Reflection: added 'null' to builtin types (in fact it is reserved type since PHP 7.0)
utils by dg added Reflection::getPropertyType() (for PHP 7.4)
utils by dg Reflection: uses ReflectionNamedType
utils by dg Validators: better exception message
utils by dg Validators: added 'file', 'directory', 'class', 'interface' & mixed
utils by dg Validators: added support for `?nullable` types
utils by dg Validators: grouped & sorted $validators
utils by dg Validators: catches TypeError for incompatible types
utils by Amunak Validator:: accepts the plus character as a valid option in numeric strings (#184)
utils by dg added Arrays::toObject()
php-generator by dg Factory: uses ReflectionNamedType
di by dg Helpers::merge() supports PREVENT_MERGING on top array