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by dg database: added page()
by dg type fixes
by tempcke Fixed a documentation error regarding Multiple insert (#737)

the current docs show that you can pass each row to be inserted as additional params to the query method, however when you try to do that it errors. In looking up this error here: I realized that the multiple rows need to be passed as an array in the second argument which solved the problem.

by dg fixed callback::check() [Closes nette/utils#179]
by Komanc typos (#735)
by dg database uses own layout
by dg fixes
by dg removed @inject
by dg arrays: improved description
by radekdostal Typos. (#727)
by f3l1x lots of fixes (#706)

* Docs: synchronize injects in presenters, synchronize method and property visibility, synchronize namespaces, etc

* ArrayHash -> stdClass

* Composer drop PHP 7.2 recommendation

* PostModel -> FooModel

* Typos

by f3l1x Forms: added example of isSubmittedBy and isSubmitted [#720] (#726)
by PavelJurasek Configuring: mention CSP-Report-Only header (#689)
by f3l1x Presenters: more examples of send<> methods [#670] (#725)
by dg normalized bools in NEON to true/false
by f3l1x Configuring: added routing example [#677] (#724)
by CZechBoY presenters: unified word "persistentni" against "perzistentni" (#722)
by Kubo2 [en] Correct grammar and formulation (#721)
by dg php-generator: updated
by dg form-validation: better info about rules
by renekliment Forms: add notes about Form::PATTERN_ICASE & Form::PATTERN for file uploads (#719)

* documents nette/forms#186, nette/forms#187 and nette/forms#175