Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by milo AbstractGenerator::getCommonFilesPath() replaced by Helpers::findCommonDirectory()
by milo Helpers: added findCommonDirectory()
by milo PhpInterpreter: list code coverage engines and let others to choose one (#400)
by dg Helper::purge() protection (#392)
by dg CiderMode™ (#394)
by dg added Expect for complex assertions formulation (#398)
by dg Assert: improved phpDoc
by dg Assert::noError() throws exception when is called with more than one parameter

Prevents unwanted misuse instead of exception() or error()

by dg Dumper: key can be empty string
by dg Assert::with() uses Closure::call()
by dg CliTester: shows idle time in watch mode
by dg FileMutator: mkdir() detects recursive flag
by dg typo
by dg Environment::$debugMode moved to CliTester::$debugMode
by dg travis: finely segmented matrix, added PhpStan
by dg HtmlGenerator: static $classes changed to constant
by jiripudil FileMutator: fixed error thrown when using scandir() (#395)
by dg CliTester: more robust watch mode.

It recovers from errors due to missing files etc.

by dg CliTester: uses own error handlers
by dg travis: added PHP 7.3
by milo Released version 2.1.0