Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by dg CliTester: more robust watch mode.

It recovers from errors due to missing files etc.

by dg CliTester: uses own error handlers
by dg travis: added PHP 7.3
by milo Released version 2.1.0
by dg added missing typehints
by dg travis: uses NCS 2
by harmim Repeatable --coverage-src option (#388)
by milo AbstractGenerator: filter-out non existent files from coverage data

If $source was null, common folder search below resulted to '' and it was converted to CWD by realpath().

by dg fixed property types or default values
by dg PhpParser: token_get_all() uses flag TOKEN_PARSE
by milo CliTester: hint message when coverage file is empty
by milo CodeCoverage: fixed notice in HTML template

Introduced by dda08f91ae5c4d2912e8ba662270ee2b9212d40f

by milo Environment::bypassFinals(): respect final as literals
by dg readme: better info about required version
by dg added donation request
by milo CliTester: removed note about default interpreter
by dg phpDoc: added $var name to @param
by dg declare(strict_types=1);
by dg removed useless type juggling
by dg added PHP 7.1 typehints
by dg used PHP 7.1 features